Tuesday, November 13, 2007

They let me out!

I LOVE GOING TO PRISON! What an awesome weekend we had in Dawson State Jail in Dallas, TX last weekend! God surely showed up and did a HUGE work and I'm so blessed to be a part of it all and get to witness to "the least of these".

This is one time I truly can say, though, that I'm very thankful to be out. You see, on Saturday the door to the POD we were in (one other teammate and myself) decided not to work by computer and we really were in "lockdown" with all the inmates. Did I panic? Not at all. I knew that God had it all under control, but it was a weird feeling not knowing just how long it would be before they could get the proper authority to come and manually open the heavy metal door so that we could once again be free. I can tell you this - the Holy Spirit was hard at work during that time and there were many ladies experiencing true revival! What a blessing it was! One of the women said she had been to a "Champions for Life" weekend three times in the past and didn't really care to get anything out of it, but this time was different. She fell to her knees on that hard, dirty concrete floor and cried out to Jesus to save her soul - oh what a wonderful day! We have a new sister to pray for now and her name is Jackie. She had been a prostitute and heroine addict for many years; slept under a bridge most of her adult life and finally at the age of 43 the Holy Spirit got her attention and she has become a new creation. I praise our mighty God for her salvation! There were many more, but I will only share one of them with you at this time. Her name is Tara and she grabbed my heart for life. She has two beautiful little girls, Courtney, age 7 and Hayley, age 5. She has not seen these sweet girls for a year now, Can you even imagine - I cannot. She has asked that I pray for her and ask everyone I know to join me that she might one day get to see and hold her precious daughters again. I was able to counsel with her, pray with her, and love on her for several hours and a huge weight was lifted after she sat down and wrote a wonderful letter to her in-laws who have custody of her girls. She told them of how God had gotten her attention and begged that they forgive all her sins against them. She truly touched my soul. Please keep this situation in your prayers.

Yesterday morning I was called by my neighbor who had just found her sweet husband dead in the floor of their sunroom. I have been with them most of yesterday and today and I would also ask they you keep the Davis family in your prayers. How sweet it is when one goes to be with the Lord, but how sad it is for those left behind to miss them. Life is precious and we are blessed for we have a friend who never leaves us during the tests and trials of life. May our Lord shield and protect you and yours and may you rest in His arms tonight. Good night my friends - we'll talk more upon my return from my next trip which begins tomorrow right after the funeral. Hummmm - what could I be up to now????

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Mayhem And Miracles said...

I've been thinking about J. all day long. I'm so sorry for her sadness and for yours. C. was a sweet sweet man and I know you'll miss him. I'm surprised the funeral is so soon. I guess we can't send flowers. But we'll be praying for the service and for your safe travels. Love you.